Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pro SQL Server 2005

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This book provides a critical examination of all of the major new functionality in SQL Server 2005, covering such diverse topics as CLR integration, the new management tools, SQL Server Integration Services, Service Broker, Transact-SQL (T-SQL) programming, and database mirroring.

The book does not profess or even try to be a comprehensive reference on any one of these areas as you are probably aware, this would often require a sizable book in itself. Instead, it provides practical, in-depth coverage of the core topics in each area, illustrated with realistic examples. Hopefully, we’ve done this in such a way that you will immediately be able to translate what you learn here into your business environment and have a firm foundation for exploring a particular topic further, should it be necessary.

SQL Server 2005 is a vast new release. This book provides you with a starting point, a road map, and a strong foundation on which to build. Its practical nature and careful guidelines and advice will mean that the book continues to be useful long after your initial assessment of SQL Server 2005 is complete.

Table Of Content:
CH 01 - SQL Server Overview and Installation
CH 02 - SQL Server Management Technologies
CH 03 - T-SQL Enhancements for Developers
CH 04 - T-SQL Enhancements for DBAs
CH 05 - .NET Integration
CH 06 - Programming Assemblies
CH 07 - SQL Server and XML
CH 08 - SQL Server 2005 XML and XQuery Support
CH 09 - SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services
CH 10 - Analysis Services
CH 11 - Security
CH 12 - Service Broker
CH 13 - Automation and Monitoring
CH 14 - Integration Services
CH 15 - Database Mirroring
CH 16 - Notification Services

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