Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Traffic Light Control Circuit

Electronic Project - Traffic Light Control CircuitThis electronic project based only on 74LSxx family and IC 555 as clock source. It's a digital logic circuit. To build Traffic Light Control you don't need microcontroller programming.

This page features a circuit that has twenty open collector outputs that turn on one at a time in a continuous sequential manner. The circuit make use of the 74LSxx family of TTL integrated logic devices. The circuits are designed to drive light emitting diodes or low current, low voltage incandescent lights but can also drive other loads of up to 80 milliamps.

download :

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Electronic Project : Simple IR (Infra Red) Receiver

Electronic  Project : Simple IR (Infra Red) ReceiverI guess this is the simplest IR receiver circuit i ever know. It's only use few pasive component and TSOP 1738 IR receiver that housing on Sub-D 9-pin serial box.

Simple IR (Infra Red) Receiver Schematic
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Monday, January 18, 2010

PIC Project : Alarm Security System

PIC Project : Alarm Security SystemThis Alarm Sytem is based on two PIC12C508 (one is used in transmitter and the other one in the main unit). The following PICs are supported: 12c508, 12c509, 12c508a, 12c509a, 12ce518, 12ce519, 12f508, 12f509, 16f84 and 16f84a. Transmitter uses infra red beam to send code name to main unit. The commands are:

* Arm/Disarm
* Silent Arm/Disarm
* Weak battery in transmitter

It implements the folowing features:

* IR remote keyless system
* 72 bits transmission length (64bits password, 4bit CRC, and 4bits for commands)
* Arm/Disarm
* Immobilizer
* Two stage sensors, door and shock sensor trigger inputs
* Locking/unlocking of doors
* Normal/Silent modes
* Inside zone intrusion memory
* Transmitter low battery indication

This system is a perfect solution for unidirectional remote keyless entry systems and access control systems. Such system may be implemented in:

* Automotive alarm systems
* Automotive immobilizers
* Gate and garage door openers
* Burglar alarm systems

Download :
Here you can find transmitter assembler code (updated on March 11, 2008) and a file. Don't forget to change processor type in MPLAB or you will get errors. I've added PIC16F84 family processors for debug. And also you can find main unit assembler code.

Schematic :
Download Transmitter schematic, main unit schematic, IR Receiver schematic, IR Receiver Schematic Diagram (TBA2800 Based)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

PIC Project : Infra/radio remote control transmitter/receiver

PIC Project : Infra/radio remote control transmitter/receiverThis is a general purpose remote control project with programmable PIC microcontrollers. Schematics are shown for using infrared (RF) or radio (RF) media. If you are not familiar with microcontroller programming, you can use fixed encoder and decoder integrated circuits instead. Well-known such IC-s are Holtek HT-12D, HT-12E and Motorola MC145026, MC145027, MC145028.

Remote controls usually consist of encoder/decoder parts connected to a transmitter/receiver module which takes care of the transmission of digital signals by radio or infra waves. The format of this project's signal is designed to be ideal even for the cheapest ASK RF modules (using 50% signal/silence ratio), and it is similar to the Philips RC-5 format used in infrared remote controls. The transmitter has a varying number of buttons and sends the states of these inputs to the receiver. The receiver device decodes the message and sets the outputs accordingly.

Download : schematic IR(jpeg), schematic RF

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

PIC based RFID reader

microcontroller project : RFID reader based on PICRFID cards are commonly used for access control and bus/train tickets. They are convenient because no direct contact is required to transfer information to and from the card. The card itself is powered by the RFID reader, so there is no battery to change.

For the experiments, He use a HID ISOProx card. These cards are the simplest of all RFID cards as they only stores a single serial number and uses no encryption. The carrier frequency is 125 KHz. For processing the data, the project uses microcontroller PIC 16F628A.

Interesting to build it?

Download the schematic 1, schematic 2.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Simple AVR Project : Battery Monitor

Simple AVR Battery MonitorBatwatch is a simple monitor for a solar panel battery charger, using an Atmel ATtiny13V. It periodically measures the charge current and battery voltage, and shows them by blinking two LEDs. I built this circuit into the plug of a VW solar charger panel that is used to prevent a discharge of the battery when a car is not used for some time. A modern car contains a large amount of electronics, and a quiescent current of 40-50mA (about 1Ah per day!) is considered "normal".

Download the batwatch project, schematic

Thursday, January 14, 2010

PIC Microcontroller based Doorbell

Microcontroller project : doorbell
If you new in microcontroller project. May be you want to build just a simple electronic project. Like Doorbell created by Quozl. He used microcontroller PIC 16F84 for the main processor. I know that we can build simple doorbell without microcontroller. But, take a look the feature of this project.

A microcontroller driven doorbell circuit with features:

* one second instant pulse output,
* one second delayed pulse output,
* two minute lighting output,
* latching has been triggered indicator,
* processor alive indicator,
* ignore additional trigger for preset duration.

Do you want to build the project? Ok, here is the source code, schematic and the pcb.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

MICRF102 Based RF data logger

Electronic Project : RF data loggerTelemetering is a methode to measure voltage, temperature or any other variable which long distance between censor and data processor. There are many ways to implement telemetering, one of them using wireless RF data logger. What do you need with this project is Rf transmitter, RF receiver and Data processor (PC) . Any number of these recorders transmits data packets to a central PC-based receiver. A PC program stores the information for later analysis.

The RF data logger project use small RF IC's the MICRF102 from Micrel because it's good compromize between price and complexity. The MICRF102 is a low power ASK transmitter IC. It generates UHF frequencies by PLL multiplying a crystal oscillator frequency by 32. In this case a 13,56MHz crystal provides a 433,925MHz carrier. The data recorder is controlled by a small AVR TINY45 microcontroller.

Download schematic RF transmitter (gif)
Download schematic RF receiver (gif)

Monday, January 11, 2010

PIC Universal RC5/RC6 transceiver

PIC universal remote control projectThis is another Universal RC5/RC6 transceiver project. It use PIC16F628 as main processor. On the one side you can read the RC5, RC5X and RC6 codes from remote controls on a LCD and on the other hand you can send all thinkable RC5, RC5X and RC6 codes to a device.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

PIC Room Timer

Microcontroller project - PIC Room TimerThe purpose of this electronic project is to present a device that is useful and at the same time demonstrate to the beginner many features involved in programming the PIC. Some of the topics included are:

* Simple use of MPASM assembler
* Demonstration of use of timer 0 and the prescaler
* Use of length of instructions to set up timing delays
* Using interrupt routines
* Detection of switch closures including debouncing
* Saving and recovering data from the onboard EEPROM

Download the source code (.asm)


Saturday, January 9, 2010

PIC Robotic Webcam

PIC Robotic WebcamMain parts to built PIC robotic webcam are two servo motors and microcontroller PIC. This eletronic project not too hard to build it if you have some electronic basic and programming the microcontroller. For the main processor this project utilized PIC 16F84. The total cost of the project is about 40 Euro (40$). All the software/code can be downloaded as free or shareware.

Download program and free servo controller here

Friday, January 8, 2010

Project : Persistance-of-vision LED Sphere

Electronic Project : Persistance-of-vision LED SphereThe goal of this project was to develop 3D spinning mechanism capable of displaying smooth video or static images. The device uses a spinning ring with tri-color LEDs inside, and relies on precise angular sensing and persistance-of-vision and to create the effect of a spherical display surface. Although the system consists of only a single ring of LEDs, the high rotational speed makes it possible to display any combination of red, green, or blue pixels along the surface of the resulting sphere. (3-bit color depth!)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dot Matrix Project : Fancy Leds

Dot Matrix Project : Fancy LedsThe idea of this project came from Olivier de Broqueville's son. He was dreaming of a small tool able to write symbols or pictures on a screen. If using a graphic LCD, it was too expensive (or too easy?), so the solution adopted was to pilot a dot matrix of Leds. The Dot matrix project need only some cheap transistors, common red Leds, and a PIC microcontroller 16F628. And the dream could become reality.

Download for the document,source code, software and schematic here (zip file)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Electronic Project : AVR Lux Meter

Electronic Project : AVR Lux MeterThe illumination is how the level of flows of light falling on a surface. . The flow of light is visible, which is defined in the flow (the light power) divided by relative sensitivity of the naked eye on the visible spectrum. This means that the Lux is well suited to the light level of meaning to the human eye. To measure the lighting, we can use Lux Meter.

We can build ourselves Lux meter using electronic components. At the detection of light we use photo diode. However, there is a difference between the spectra simple answer photo diode silicon and the naked eye, it can not be used for lux meter. Some photo diodes for lighting have a sensor compensation color filter on the window to correct its response spectra.

In this project, Photo-diode current results light that is well proportional to the light input power when used in short fashion. In this lux meters, the output current is converted into a voltage converter with an IV, he is caught by a micrcontroller AVR and displayed in terms of lux. The ppamp U1 in the circuit diagram that acts IV conversion circuit and its conversion becomes 50mV / μ A, in accordance with a record of comments R5. The capacitor C5 is to obtain the correction, it cancels Ct of the photo diode (about 200 pF). In this case, greater capacity in May rather be 220 pF because the high frequency signal is not necessary. The lux meter is powered by a 9V battery.

Download schematic, document, firmware (zip) here

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

PIC Universal Receiver Infrared

PIC Universal Receiver InfraredThe Universal Infrared Receiver (UIR) is a device that enables you to control your PC based application like PC home thaater with ANY remote controller you have (TV, VCR, CD or Stereo). Original hardware & software was designed by Martinus & Ties Bos. this projcet using microcontroller PIC12C508A.

PIC Universal Receiver Infrared schematicDownload
hex file

If you want build VCR without microcontroller you can try this schematic. To use it you need a plugin for Girder. I don't know if the plugin will work with other control software.

Universal Receiver Infrared without microcontroller[source]

Monday, January 4, 2010

PCB Drill Project

PCB Drill ProjectThis PCB drill project created by Shawn Kelly. This is one of cool electronic project. According to him, The moving part is the tabel not the drill head. To make sure everithing work fine, the project tested with Labcenter's Proteus VSM / Isis. With this PCB drill, it will saving our time to drill pcb when build electronic project.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Flickr images on a Nokia LCD and AVR

Flickr images on a Nokia LCD and AVRAnother electronic project related to LCD. Alex has created microcontroller project : Flickr images on a Nokia LCD. The "brain" used microcontroller AVR ATmega48 and the software, he decided to fetch images from Flickr using Beej’s Python Flickr API.
Is it difficult to bulid this cool microcontroller project? well, if you follow what alex said i'm sure you can do it. May be i'll built it someday :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Windmeter using Microcontroller

Windmeter using Microcontroller The Windmeter is an anemometer designed to measure and record wind speed distribution from 0 to 17+ meters per second. It was designed for high reliability, ease of construction, and for a wide environmental range. Data is logged over a period of 30.46 days (1/12 of a year), and then saved for 11 months. The data can be retrieved with a laptop computer any time within the 12 months of logging. The Windmeter is self-powered by a solar pannel and battery. Calibration of the Windmeter can be done against a car's speedometer or better yet a GPS receiver. The Windmeter should cost you under $300 to make.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Small TV Terminal AVR Project

Small TV Terminal AVR ProjectWhen you use microcontrollers in your designs, sometime you face a problem how to show user required data. Several LEDs, 7 segment display or LCD module can be solution. But if you must show a lot of information simultaneously, it can be difficulty. Large LCD modules are expensive and graphic modules require complicated control. You can solve it with a help of PC. Just send data via serial line to the computer and display everything on computer's display said Vassilis Serasidis.

This project created by Stan Pechal and he using AVR ATmeg8 as the main chip.

Want to try build this microcontroller project? download document, source code, sachematic here (zip file)