Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sharp NetWalker PC-Z1 unboxing and hands-on

Click to see the video

Some more first impressions:

- I'm not liking the keyboard at all.. key caps bend to all directions.

- touch screen got better by cleaning it fully ( there was traces of screen cover glue )

- after i calibrated the screen it is accurate and easy to use ( u need to turn it off and on to save the calibrations )

- I adjusted the font sizes bigger for easier use

- mouse is ok

- surfing with it is sometimes ok, sometimes too slow

- battery life seems good.. no real numbers yet but it could be about 7 hours on full use

I will test it more and will try to get flash and youtube working ( there should be a patch for that )

... soon we will have nice "Atom vs ARM" on UMPC battle..

Thanks again Conics for sending me it!

Get yours from
[ click video tab to see how to set it to English ]

Details, News and Links for Netwalker

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

C-motech to make Snap Dragon tablet, Mangrove

Click here to see more

Yep, more and more tablets coming..

Known specs on C-motech's tablet :

7 inch touchscreen
Qualcomm Snap Dragon
Wireles options ( wifi, 3G, wimax )
2 * USB
Micro SD
Headset port
Windows Mobile 6.5

Via [ translated ]

Monday, September 28, 2009

Meet Hanvon multitouch tablet

Click to see the video

No other specs yet, but we should get them soon..

Thanks Xavier!

Remote Control using PIC16F84A Microcontroller

Remote Control using PIC16F84A Microcontroller
Remote Control using PIC16F84A Microcontroller

design controls up to 8 devices using a PIC microcontroller (PIC16F84A) connected to the phone line. The unique feature here is that unlike other telephone line based remote control, this device does not need the call to be answered at the remote end so the call will not be charged. This device depends on number of rings given on the telephone line to activate/deactivate devices.

1. Circuit diagram (designed by
2. Parts List
3. C source code complied using HT-Soft PIC C compiler
4. Compiler Hex code file to be directly programmed into the PIC

Instructions for the telephone operated remote switch:

A) While constructing the main circuit, make sure you use 18pin sockets (base) for the PIC16F84A. Do not solder the IC directly to the board since you may have to remove it for programming. Before you use the PIC on the main circuit, you have to first program it.

B) To program the PIC16F84A microcontroller:

There are lots of programmers on the Internet available to program PIC microncontrollers. Given below are links to some free PIC programmer hardware/software:


Note: Programm the chip with the hex file attached above and remember to set the fuse bits to use "EXTERNAL HS OSCILLATOR" mode!

C) Remove the PIC from the programmer socket and put it into the main circuit socket.

Set the DIP SWITCH as follows:

Switch3 Switch4 No. of initial rings to Switch ON(activate half of the board)





The number of initial rings to Switch OFF is one more than the number of rings to switch ON. For example, if you have set switch3 OFF & Switch4 ON then number of initial rings to activate half of the board to switch ON the relays is 3 and number of initial rings to activate half of the board to switch OFF the relays is 3+1 = 4

Switch1 Swtich2 Delay before making the second set of rings

OFF OFF 20sec

ON OFF 15sec

OFF ON 10sec

ON ON 5sec

This is the maximum delay the board can take after it is half activated. It will reset after this delay.

D) Now connect the circuit to the phone line and switch on its power supply.

E) You can test the board now. For example set the DIP switch to Switch1 ON, Switch2 OFF (15 sec delay) & switch3 ON, switch4 OFF (4 rings to activate half for switching ON). If you want to switch ON relay 1 (connected to RB0 of main circuit) then you have to do the following:

1. Give 4 rings and put down the receiver
2. Wait 5 seconds (this 5 seconds wait is required to prevent the board from detecting continous rings)
3. then within 15 seconds give 1 ring (1 ring for relay1, 2 rings for relay2 and so on) and put down the receiver
4. then within 5 sec the relay1 will switch ON

To switch off relay1:

1. Give 5 rings and put down the receiver
2. Wait 5 seconds (this 5 seconds wait is required to prevent the board from detecting continous rings)
3. then within 15 seconds give 1 ring (1 ring for relay1, 2 rings for relay2 and so on) and put down the receiver
4. then within 5 sec the relay1 will switch OFF

IMPORTANT: This circuit has been tested by me and found to work correctly. I cannot guarantee that the circuit will work at your end since it depends on error free construction and usage. Please do not contact for any support and requests, any such requests will not be entertained.

Rangkaian Generator IF Sederhana

Rangkaian Generator IF Sederhana
Rangkaian Generator IF Sederhana

A versatile circuit of IF signal generator which may be of interest to radio hobbyists and professionals alike.Transistors T1 and T2 form an astable multivibrator oscillating in the audio frequency range of 1 to 2 kHz. RF oscillator is built around transistor T3. Here again a 455kHz ceramic filter/resonator is employed for obtaining stable IF. The AF from multivibrator is coupled from collector of transistor T2 to emitter of transistor T3 through capacitor C3. The tank circuit at collector of transistor T3 is formed using medium wave oscillator coil of transistor radio, a fixed 100pF capacitor C5 and half section of a gang capacitor (C6).

The oscillator section may be easily modified for any other intermediate frequency by using ceramic filter or resonator of that frequency and by making appropriate changes in the tank circuit at collector of transistor T3. Slight adjustment of bias can be affected by varying values of resistors R6 and R7, if required

Rangkaian Simple Analog to Digital Converter

Rangkaian Simple Analog to Digital Converter

Normally analogue-to-digital con-verter (ADC) needs interfacing through a chip to catechumen alternation abstracts into agenda format. This requires accouterments and all-important software, consistent in added complication and appropriately the absolute cost.

The ambit of A-to-D advocate apparent actuality is configured about ADC 0808, alienated the use of a microprocessor. The ADC 0808 is an 8-bit A-to-D converter, accepting abstracts curve D0-D7. It works on the assumption of alternating approximation. It has a absolute of eight alternation ascribe channels, out of which any one can be called application abode curve A, B and C. Here, in this case, ascribe approach IN0 is called by accomplishments A, B and C abode lines.

Usually the ascendancy signals EOC (end of conversion), SC (start conversion), ALE (address latch enable) and OE (output enable) are interfaced by agency of a microprocessor. However, the ambit apparent actuality is congenital to accomplish in its affiliated approach afterwards application any microprocessor. Therefore the ascribe ascendancy signals ALE and OE, actuality active-high, are angry to Vcc (+5 volts). The ascribe ascendancy arresting SC, actuality active-low, initiates alpha of about-face at falling bend of the pulse, admitting the achievement arresting EOC becomes aerial afterwards achievement of digitisation. This EOC achievement is accompanying to SC input, area falling bend of EOC achievement acts as SC ascribe to absolute the ADC to alpha the conversion.

As the about-face starts, EOC arresting goes high. At abutting alarm beating EOC achievement afresh goes low, and appropriately SC is enabled to alpha the abutting conversion. Thus, it provides affiliated 8-bit agenda achievement agnate to direct amount of alternation input. The best akin of alternation ascribe voltage should be appropriately scaled bottomward beneath absolute advertence (+5V) level.

The ADC 0808 IC requires alarm arresting of about 550 kHz, which can be calmly acquired from an astable multivibrator complete application 7404 inverter gates. In adjustment to visualise the agenda output, the row of eight LEDs (LED1 through LED8) accept been used, wherein anniversary LED is affiliated to corresponding abstracts curve D0 through D7. Since ADC works in the affiliated mode, it displays agenda achievement as anon as alternation ascribe is applied. The decimal agnate agenda achievement amount D for a accustomed alternation ascribe voltage Vin can be affected from the relationship

Skema Rangkaian Seven Segment

Skema Rangkaian Seven Segment
Skema Rangkaian Seven Segment

It is actual absorbing and acceptable to be able to ascendancy aggregate while sitting at your PC terminal. Here, a simple accouterments ambit and software is acclimated to interface a 7-segment based rolling display. The printer anchorage of a PC provides a set of credibility with some acting as ascribe curve and some others as achievement lines. Some curve are accessible beneficiary blazon which can be acclimated as ascribe lines. The ambit accustomed actuality can be acclimated for interfacing with any blazon of PC’s printer port. The 25-pin alongside anchorage adapter at the aback of a PC is a aggregate of three ports. The abode varies from 378H-37AH. The 7 curve of anchorage 378H (pins 2 through 8) are acclimated in this ambit to achievement the cipher for articulation affectation through IC1. The actual one band of anchorage 378H (pin 9) and four curve of anchorage 37AH (pins 1, 14, 16, 17) are acclimated to accredit the affectation digits (one a time) through IC2. The $.25 D0, D1 and D3 of anchorage 37AH affiliated to pins 1, 14 and 17 of ‘D’ adapter are astern by the computer afore appliance to the pins while abstracts bit D2 is not inverted. Therefore to get a argumentation aerial at any of aloft three pins, we charge accelerate argumentation 0 achievement to the agnate pin of anchorage 37AH. Another important abstraction illustrated by the activity is the time analysis multiplexing. Agenda that all the bristles 7-segment displays allotment a accepted abstracts bus. The PC places the 7-segment cipher for the aboriginal digit/character on the abstracts bus and enables alone the aboriginal 7-segment display. After adjournment of a few milliseconds, the 7-segment cipher for the digit/character is replaced by that of the abutting charter/digit, but this time alone additional affectation chiffre is enabled. After the affectation of all characters/digits in this way, the aeon repeats itself over and over again. Because of this alliteration at a adequately aerial rate, there is an apparition that all the digits/characters are continuously actuality displayed. DISP1 is to be physically placed as the atomic cogent digit. IC1 (74LS244) is an octal absorber which is primarily acclimated to access the alive capability. It has two groups of four buffers with non-inverted tri-state outputs. The absorber is controlled by two alive low accredit lines. IC2 (75492) can drive a best of six 7-segment displays. (For alive up to seven common-cathode displays one may use ULN2003 declared abroad in this section.) The affairs for rolling affectation is accustomed in the advertisement DISP.C above. Whatever the message/characters to be displayed (here bristles characters accept been displayed), these are afar and stored in an array. Then these are decoded. Decoding software is actual simple. Just alter the adapted appearance with the bifold agnate of the affectation code. The affectation cipher is a byte that has the adapted $.25 angry on. For example, to affectation appearance ‘L’, the segments to be angry on are f, e and d. This is agnate to 111000 bifold or 38 hex. Please agenda that alone bound characters can be formed application 7-segment display. Characters such as M, N and K cannot be formed properly

IC 7812&7912 Dual Regulator Power Supply Circuit

IC 7812&7912 Dual Regulator Power Supply Circuit

Voltage Regulators low ability burning IC 78W alternation acclimated in our chart is now so bargain they are an economical another to simple regulators NPN-stabilizers. In addition, they action the allowances of bigger regulation, accepted absorbed / abbreviate ambit aegis to 1000 mA blow and calefaction bottomward if the electricity disperses too. Indeed, is not the alone way for these drives can be damaged polarity is incorrect or boundless ascribe voltage. Regulators Alternation 78W to affectionate of break 8V ascribe voltage of about 35V, while the blazon 24v bear 40V. Of course, of course, that regulators will not assignment with such an important ascribe cogwheel achievement as it would advance to boundless ability is dispersed. All controllers will bear the 78W alternation 1000mA accepted best accepted ascribe cogwheel voltage achievement of beneath than 7V. Otherwise, too broadcast power, thereby bringing the blaze extinguished.

Two transformers were acclimated to footfall voltage 230-250V AC ascribe power. It articles ability transformers 6-0-6V accessory terminals. This achievement is fed into the rectifier and clarify capacitor. Filtered IC6 that served 3-pin voltage regulator that provides a adapted achievement + 5V. It is acclimated to accredit the DPM system. It additionally comes as the arrangement voltage antecedent temperature accuracy.

Other articles transformers with a accommodation of 12-0-12V at its accessory terminals. The centermost was accustomed as a bubbler in the antecedent case. The added two accessory terminals are fed arch rectifier complete application diodes. Achievement recovered is filtered application a capacitor C5 and C6 for aliment and IC7 IC. In-8 IC7, which are 3-pin regulators accommodate achievement voltage of ± 8V. These two voltages are arresting generator. TO-8V ability antecedent is activated to the temperature of the network, and the advertence voltage. It is additionally all-important to +12 V and-12V food for the accomplishing of operational amplifiers. This can be calmly done application a 12V zener diodes. The achievement of arch rectifier is absorbed to the +12 V and-12V, respectively, application two zener diodes. In the zener achievement is fed to the terminals of the operational amplifier supply. For supply

for operational amplifiers charge not be actual able in acclimation + 12V, the use of Zener diodes be costly.

For the testing of cyberbanking apparatus voltage aloft 50 V is required. This can be accomplished through quadruple the alternation tension. It consists of four diodes and four electrolytic capacitors. Unreasonable Administration Accessory 12-0-12V is affiliated to quadruple string. Quadrupled achievement of the ambit is 68V to ground.

Car Adapter Circuit with ECG184

Car Adapter Circuit with Transistor ECG184

car converter 12 VDC to 9 VDC converters side for audio ,playstation,DVD,tv etc., is that we have designed for 12DC to 9DC converters that we bring to our design circuit . They are all effective in Switch Mode Power Supplies regulated output. We have developed a series of DC-DC power supply models ranging from 1 watt to 500 watts, which we incorporated into the new controller of DC converters. We are also developing new areas whenever necessary to meet customer requirements. We can provide some custom products that changes on the following products and fully custom DC-DC, new products, such as DC Battery Backup Power Supplies.

IC TDA7294 120 Watt Audio Power Amplifier Circuit

IC TDA7294 120 Watt Audio Power Amplifier Circuit

Amplifer with IC number TDA7293 for process sound system. This amplifer was have the input for a radio, TV, stereo or other line level device. It also has a phono input for a record player, guitar, microphone or other un-amplified source. With the addition of a low pass filter at the input, it makes a great amp for a small subwoofer.


R : 660 Ohm 1/4 W Resistor = 2 pcs.
R : 22K 1/4 W Resistor = 5 pcs.
R : 10K 1/4 W Resistor = 1 pcs.
R : 30K 1/4 W Resistor = 1 pcs.
C : 2200uF 35V Electrolytic Capacitor = 2 pcs.
C : 0.22uF Capacitor = 2 pcs.
C : 22uF Capacitor = 4 pcs.
C : 0.45uF Capacitor = 2 pcs.

T1 : 50V Center Tapped 5 Amp Transformer
S1 : SPST 3 Amp Switch
S2 : DPDT Switch
F1 : 2 Amp Fuse
SPKR1 : 8 Ohm 120W Speaker
MISC : Case, Knobs, Line Cord, Binding Posts Or Phono Plugs (For Input And Output), Heatsinks For Q1 And Q2

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New Website -

I have started moving more over to my new website at - once I move everything over I will leave this site as an archive.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Moorestown MID running Moblin 2.0 with Wind River UI

Click to see the video

... and as a side note: you wont be running moblin on current menlow devices... moorestown only.

Thanks Steve

Nintendo cuts Wii price by twenty percent

Nintendo has cut the price of its Wii console by twenty percent to $199.99 in the US and by an equivalent amount in Japan. Nintendo's European media site makes no mention of the move, at least not in German. It seems that most of Europe will not benefit from a price cut, although France apparently will (according to the French news agency Agence France Press). There are conflicting reports regarding this territory. Previous rumours mentioned that European Wii bundles may be upgraded by a copy of ´Wii Sports Resort´.

It is the first price cut for the console, after a record-breaking period of almost three years. The move vindicates earlier rumours and is in keeping with my editorial below. In a press release, the company details the decision:

The new $199.99 Wii price point delivers the full iconic Wii gaming experience, including the motion-sensing Wii Remote™ controller, Nunchuk™ controller and Wii Sports™ software, and furthers Nintendo's mission to expand the gaming universe by making video games accessible to more and more consumers. (...)

"Wii has reached more video game players than any game system before because it attracts everyone—both men and women, and people of all ages," said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. "Our research shows there are 50 million Americans thinking about becoming gamers, and this more affordable price point and our vast array of new software mean many of them can now make the leap and find experiences that appeal to them, whatever their tastes or level of gaming experience."

Reuters (via Yahoo News) reports about the economic repercussions of the news, which coincided with Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai's keynote speech at the Tokyo Game Show.

Following the announcements of the Wii price cut and Hirai's keynote speech, shares of Nintendo closed up 0.5 percent at 24,550 yen, while Sony gained 3.1 percent to 2,670 yen and the benchmark Nikkei average rose 1.7 percent.

News of Nintendo's price cut came just as Hirai was delivering his keynote speech.

EDIT Just to clarify the situation in Europe: Nintendo has not set a recommended retail price, but will reduce the wholesale price of the console. This will result in a price cut from €249 to €199, valid for the whole of Europe, except for the UK and Ireland. There, the price will remain but the bundle will be upgraded by the inclusion of ´Wii Sports Resort´ and a Motion Plus dongle.

Sources: Nintendo of America, Reuters (via Yahoo News)

Scientific Failures and Wonders

See a well-balanced and cogent article in SEED Magazine about the “METI imbroglio”... or whether we should allow a few fervent believers shout into the cosmos on all our behalf, based upon a narrow range of highly dubious assumptions.  The fairminded essay cites yours truly, among others. 

I’m also briefly interviewed about SETI at the Science and Reigion Today site.

For those of you teaching or taking courses on “contemporary issues”...  See - hot off the presses -
Changing Minds: Arguments on Contemporary and Enduring Issues.  Jon Ford and Marjorie Ford eds., Penguin Academics Series (2009) My chapter is on the future of surveillance.

“Into God” - The Upcoming Closer To Truth Feature Film, by Robert Lawrence Kuhn - may be of great interest, featuring interviews with luminary minds.

See a nice blog interview with yours truly.
Here's a video of a discussion on the Singularity, with David Brin, Vernor Vinge, Ben Goertzel, Jamais Cascio, Frederick Turner and others...

Ahem. I had an imbroglio with a minor (and somewhat new-agey) science journal -- The “Journal of Cosmology” after they first commissioned from me, and then rejected (amid childish editorial rage), a peer review of an amateur scientist’s paper on panspermia. That is the hypothesis, most-famously put forward a century ago by Nobelist Svanta Arrhenius, suggesting that all life on Earth descends from seed/spores that crossed interstellar space to land in our planet’s early seas.  After some hours of work -- courteously decrypting, appraising and discussing this paper -- offering both compliments and refuting evidence -- I was stunned by the editor’s response of actinic, unreasoning fury, based upon grievances that were wholly hallucinatory, bearing no relation, whatsoever, to anything that I actually said in my review.  I’ll not waste any further space here in this unpleasantness, though my review is posted on George Dvorsky’s SENTIENT DEVELOPMENTS site, because of George’s intense interest in life origins.


How cool is this?  You may recall that I wrote the storyline, scenario and opening sequence to the famous Dreamcast game (now on the Playstation 2!)... ECCO THE DOLPHIN II: DEFENDER OF THE FUTURE.  Now it turns out that someone (in Germany) has posted on YouTube not only the opening sequence, but also the interlude sections, telling additional bits of storyline, after the player achieves each major goal.  Sure, the ten year old animation now looks a little crude.  But it was state-of-the art in its time and is still quite beautiful.  And the voice-over by one of the greatest of all Doctor Who actors doesn't hurt. 

See an insightful interview with Pete Garrison, strategic thinker and fiend of SIGMA (The think tank of science fiction authors) in the new Indian SF Magazine,  KALKION. 

When America expires, we probably won't agree on the cause of death. For proof that autopsies of empires are inconclusive, consider the case of Alexander Demandt, the German historian who set out in the 1980s to collect . The final tally: 210, including attacks by nomads on horseback, blood poisoning, decline of Nordic character, homosexuality, outflow of gold, and vaingloriousness."  from How Is America Going To End?  Slate's "Choose Your Own Apocalypse" lets you map out the death of the United States.By Josh Levin.  Unfortunately, it’s a bit fluffy.  I get a bit more serious in my tabulation, in the forthcoming blockbuster novel, EXISTENCE.


Hey, I’ve had my differences with the “New Atheists” like Dennett and Hitchens and Dawkins, who just don’t seem to get how immature and stunningly ironic their wrathful pulpit-pounding makes them look.  Nevertheless, a calmer and less dogmatically self righteous version of their militant confrontationalism toward fundie fanatics seems wholly appropos.  Now dig this: ”On Thursday November 19, 2009, Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort (the banana guy) will be distributing 50,000 copies of Charles Darwin's 'Origin of Species' at universities across America to students for free. BUT THERE'S A CATCH!! Each copy will have a 50 page intro about how evolution has never been proven and how Darwin helped inspire the Holocaust.” 

The noive of doze guys!  The Nazis burned Darwin’s Origin of Species!  The fundies’ insane position, that secularism leads to reduced compassion and morality and thus to increased violence runs diametrically opposite to every fact about the last 4,000 years.  And especially the last fifty.  If you rightfully classify both Communism and Nazism as quasi-religious mystical cults, then Dawkins et. al. are perfectly within their rights to claim that many parts of organized religion have been major drivers of human agression and pain.  Certainly, as we’ve seen, Red America has nothing to say to Blue America about morality, or teaching children to lead decent, responsible and ethical lives, since they fall far behind blue states and our cities in every moral category that can be measured by statistics, from divorce to domestic violence to homicide to STDs and teen pregnancy.  A certain amount of militant rejection of such BS is called for.

On the other hand, the New Atheists are self-righteousness druggies without a lick of sense among them. They need to be reminded who brought them to the Enlightenment party! Franklin and Jefferson and Washington and Madison & co. turned civilization toward this wondrous, free and scientific civilization, and those fellows were nearly all either Freemasons or dogma-hating but hyper-tolerant deists.  The original Boy Scouts.

Whatever “opiate” it was that they were taking is precisely what we all need, right now.  


I am a total sucker for bridges. Some even make me cry. Really.  Literally.  I think they rank up there, among the best things in the universe.  Now see one of the most beautiful bridges ever created.  The O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Bridge across the Colorado River 1,600 feet (490 m) downstream from the Hoover Dam. The entire project is expected to be completed by September 2010.

About $240 million.  
Having something this beautiful to show aliens, so they’ll decide we are worth something, after all? 

Oh, this, too, is Cool!

Prenatal exposure to environmental pollutants known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons can adversely affect a child's intelligence quotient or IQ, according to new research.


A (somewhat) amusing satire of cheap sci fi novel plot cheats. 

This satire represents something that (in a very different form) ought to happen.

Flying with excess baggage is a drag, but hummingbirds have mastered efficient packing. The tiny hoverers have less DNA in their cells than any other previously studied birds, reptiles or mammals, researchers report. Among hummingbird species, however, genome size doesn’t vary along with body size, suggesting that birds’ DNA was pared down before the diversification of today’s hummers. Scientists have long noted the link between small genome size and high metabolic rates — a notion first put forth in 1970 by Polish scientist Henryk Szarski. Bats and birds have the smallest genomes of backboned creatures, and flightless birds tend to have bigger genomes than fliers.

Eliezer Yudkowsky is a research fellow at the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence.  He’s also been writing some terrific think-SF.  Highly recommended mind-food.  Especially the first one. (Though, to see one place where he might have got the main idea, go to my essay on altruism in the universe, an early version, posted some years ago.  Especially the part about intelligent bears, sacralizing infanticide... hm.;-)

Science-program producer Thomas Lucas has developed a new series of shows that breaks completely away from TV, into delivery via YouTube.  Have a look at Cosmic Journeys. 

Terrrific blog on, by “Geek Dad.”

Fascinating -- why winter-born babies seem to have statistically more likelihood to have problems.  Surprising reason.

Claims of magnetic monopoles have circulated for years.  Here’s the latest.

A Durban IT company pitted an 11-month-old bird armed with a 4GB memory stick against the ADSL service from the country's biggest web firm, Telkom. Winston the pigeon took one hour and eight minutes to carry the data 60 miles - in the same time the ADSL had sent 4% of the data.

Very interesting article about memresistors.  Seriously.


More... anon....




Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meet Digicube Z8 UMPC ( aka MIDPhone-50 )

Click here to see more

My hands-on video from Computex

Specs released at Computex

So MIDPhone-50 is now Digicube Z8 MID...

We should get some good news about this one soon...

Jump to UberGizmo for full gallery

UPDATE: Steve got hands-on too.. pile of pictures on gallery

Meet Viliv S10 Blade. 10 inch convertible netbook.

UPDATED with video..

Click to see the video and pictures

10 inch 1366 x 768 touch screen
1.33Ghz or 2.0Ghz Atoms
32GB or 64GB SSD
3G options
SD card slot
Mic and headphone port
2 x USB + mini USB
VGA/composite/RGB out
10 hour battery life
Windows 7 Home Premium

"Thin as Blade"

Shipping at Q4 starting +$500

Video coming any second...

More soon at MIDMoves too

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Forget vegetablet! Microsoft Courier is cool!

Click here to see more

" Courier is a real device, and we've heard that it's in the "late prototype" stage of development. It's not a tablet, it's a booklet. The dual 7-inch (or so) screens are multitouch, and designed for writing, flicking and drawing with a stylus, in addition to fingers. "

This is looking good... now we need specs and reality check!

Jump to Giz to see the video too!

Intel opens Atom Dev Program, app store to follow

Click here to see more

"We want to fuel the growth of Intel Atom-based products designed for the mobile lifestyle," said Renee James, corporate vice president and general manager, Intel Software and Services Group. "The netbook has become one of the most popular consumer devices in the market today, but its true potential has been limited by applications that are not optimized for its mobility and smaller screen size. The Intel Atom Developer Program provides a great opportunity for developers to create useful and inventive applications that will unlock a netbook's potential while opening a new sales and distribution channel."

The program offers a streamlined and transparent process that will take the developer from application creation through testing and, finally, to the go-to-market stage. Intel is working with netbook original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other partners to create application storefronts through which validated applications will be sold.

Atom Developer Program, Frequently Asked Questions

Press release

Intel releases Moblin 2.1 for Handhelds ( video )

Click to see the video

Thanks again Steve!

Monday, September 21, 2009

UMID mBook M2 at IDF ( now with video )

Click here to see more

Steve just showed us UMID's new UMPC called mBook M2.

It's upgrade from their earlier model M1, updates include:

- new housing

- normal USB plug ( no more dongles )

- VGA out

- optical mouse on screen frame

- 1.2Ghz and 1.6Ghz Atoms


- Windows 7

It has same keyboard and screen as on M1.

We should hear more soon...

Starting at $499 available next month..or 2

UPDATE: Starting at means $499 for 1.2Ghz CPU, 512MB, 8GB SSD, Win XP and no camera.

Thanks Steve!

mSATA SSDs for netbooks and UMPCs

Click here to see more

mSATA is now the new name for mini PCI-e SSDs according to SATA-IO

Yes, it is the same connector and form factor we have seen on Asus Eee PCs and Dell Minis, but now other manufactures will be supporting it too. The main size is 1.18 in. x 0.19 in. x 2 in. (30mm x 4.75mm x 50.95mm), which we have been calling 50mm pcie SSDs

They are naming the the "mini 1.8 inch drives" as Half-Slim drives on the same press release.

The Half-Slim SATA II modules have the same SATA connector used on 2.5-inch HDDs and SDDs, but the outside measurements are smaller: 1.18 in. x 0.19 in. x 2 in. (54mm x 4 mm x 39mm).

There should be pile of these SSDs at IDF, so we might get to see them a bit more as Steve and Sascha are there.

SATA-IO to Develop Specification for Mini Interface Connector

Via Engadget

Meet:Mobility Podcast 33

Welcome to listen Meet Mobility Podcast.
Join me, Steve and Sascha talking about mobile computing.

Continue reading...

Click to download [ mp3,1:07:05 ]

Show notes:

IFA overview.
Vaio X

Viliv S7.

Android Tablet.
229 8gb Cortex GPS optimised browser.
Flash 10 Q1 2010.

Mobinnova N910. between video consumption and web consumption.

$100 smartbooks.
The real story – Dual cortex A9.

New platforms, Windows 7
New devices for Christmas.
Moblin netbooks. When? Moblin in beta.

Meetmobility is an occasional podcast from UMPCPortal, and
If you'd like to sponsor the podcast and help us make a more regular event, please contact us.

Meet Mobility home page
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Simple PIC RF/Microwave Frequency Counter

PIC RF/Microwave Frequency Counter
This RF/Microwave Frequency Counter project built based on PIC 16F876A. The basic counter rate is extended to at least 180MHz using two 74Fxx devices. A divide-by-64 prescaler is used for higher frequencies up to at least 4.5GHz. All results of the measurement are shown on an inexpensive, 2x16 alphanumeric LCD module with large characters.

There are 3 inpust on this project a microwave (prescaled) input, an RF input and a TTL input. The microwave and RF inputs are AC coupled and terminated to a low impedance (around 50ohms). The TTL input is DC coupled and has a high input impedance. A progress-bar indicator is provided on the LCD for the gate timing.

Both the microwave and RF inputs have an additional feature : a simple signal-level detector driving yet another bar indicator on the LCD module. This is very useful to check for the correct input-signal level as well as an indicator for circuit tuning or absorption-wave-meter dip display (Lecher wires). This project designed by Matjaz Vidmar.

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Simple PIC RF/Microwave Frequency Counter

PIC RF/Microwave Frequency Counter
This RF/Microwave Frequency Counter project built based on PIC 16F876A. The basic counter rate is extended to at least 180MHz using two 74Fxx devices. A divide-by-64 prescaler is used for higher frequencies up to at least 4.5GHz. All results of the measurement are shown on an inexpensive, 2x16 alphanumeric LCD module with large characters.

There are 3 inpust on this project a microwave (prescaled) input, an RF input and a TTL input. The microwave and RF inputs are AC coupled and terminated to a low impedance (around 50ohms). The TTL input is DC coupled and has a high input impedance. A progress-bar indicator is provided on the LCD for the gate timing.

Both the microwave and RF inputs have an additional feature : a simple signal-level detector driving yet another bar indicator on the LCD module. This is very useful to check for the correct input-signal level as well as an indicator for circuit tuning or absorption-wave-meter dip display (Lecher wires). This project designed by Matjaz Vidmar.

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And now... loons of the left prove that it isn't a monopoly

All right then, you've been warned to expect some of my trademarked "contrariness," this time.  A tendency -- call it a compulsion -- to always turn and point in some unexpected direction, especially if I have been looking one way for too long.  It drives everything from my chosen profession to science to politics.  

And yes, today I plan to take a break from decrypting the political madness of the far-right and instead point my j'accuse finger to the left.

But first, do not even begin to interpret what I am about to say as "both sides are equally crazy."  Anyone who read my previous missives can tell which direction I condemn most harshly, as the core of madness and outright treason in American life.  I've spoken at length about the rightwing cult that has taken over the conservative movement, sending poor Barry Goldwater spinning in his grave and betraying America by sending our great nation into debilitating "culture war."   It is still monstrous and unbelievable that Rupert Murdoch and his co-conspirators can get away with posing as populists, while pursuing oligarchic takeover of the country.  Without  any doubt, that is the direction from which civilization and the American Republic face their greatest danger.  

Anyone who doubts the tenacity with which I've fought this fight should have a glance at any of the following extended (and, I'm told, influential) missives:

Nevertheless, I have also made clear my utter contempt for those who simply choose one of the major ideological cults and thereafter march in uncritical lockstep.  People who pronounce themselves proud individualists, but then turn their suspicion of authority reflexes in only one direction.  

Yes, the right is presently far more noxious and dangerous, having allowed their entire movement to be taken over by monsters.  But Lefties who forget Stalin and Mao are intellectually as bankrupt as righties who ignore 4,000 years of oppression by kings and lords and preisthoods.  

In fact, nearly all ideologues can be categorized together by a set of sharedpersonality traits that run deeper than their differences of surface policy.  Far-lefties and far-righties both partake, for example, in a near-universal propensity for dismissing civil society as futile.

 Contempt for the masses is the common steam that rises from every pore, as they preen over things that they "know" that "the majority is too blind to see."  

(Am I unaware of the irony of my having typed the previous three paragraphs?  Since a majority of my fellow citizens do seem to swallow the abysmal notion of "left-vs'right" - doesn't that make me a masses-contemptuous snob?  Har!  Hey, I am human too.  The difference is that I know this pitfall and have schooled myself to be wary of it.  And yes, that is snobbery, too.)

So, as promised, I am going to offer a little balance, this time.  To remind us that the left can be as crazy as the right (even while being less dangerous, during THIS decade) go have a look at a horrific piece of preening nonsense that keeps being sent to me by liberals, who think that it is the best thing since spray-on cheese. It's called Sheeple of Amerika.

Feh!  Gawd, this thing is a calumny, on so many levels that I am tempted to call it deliberate psychological warfare against the Enlightenment.  Perhaps one of Murdoch's put-up provocations, crafted precisely in order to undermine liberal credibility.

Look, no one can teach me a thing about rambunctious contrarianism and suspicion of authority.

But think.  What is the most pervasive and relentless "propaganda" campaign in the history of the world?

When asked this question, people name all sorts of messages that they perceive as responsible for turning the masses into contemptible sheep.  Lefties point to pervasive "buy this" consumerism.  Rightists screech over the other side's incessant demands for conformist political correctness.  What's never mentioned is the propaganda that actually worked... on them!  If you asked these guys for a week, a year, and even if their lives depended on it, they would never guess.  

Surprise, surprise. We are self-flatterers and so we never attribute OUR favorite traits to propaganda that filled our very pores, from a young age.  But there's a pair of messages that inarguably and statistically outnumber both "buy this" and Tolerance Fetishism, combined.

 We all grew up suckling Suspicion of Authority (SOA) combined with "I'm a F4$#$@king individual and everybody else are lemmings!" 

You see these twin themes conveyed in nearly every film, most of which also portray civilization itself (and its institutions) as utterly hopeless.  Usually evil. With some central/awful authority being bravely opposed by one -- or a few -- stalwart individualist heroes who don't need no institutions to stand between them and justice!

Think about it.  List the themes in nearly every Hollywood product.  Name any messages that occur more often than this pair.  But people never notice the propaganda that made THEM the way they are.  Now add in the most alluring theme of all.  Yes, our old pal contempt for the masses.  Go ahead and TEST YOURSELF.

So, will Brin ever get to the point? How does all of this apply to "Sheeple"?

Let's be frank.  THE message of this 'film' is not urging folks to wake up, or fomenting rebellion; it is contempt. Feeding the producers' sanctimonious sense that they are privileged and smarter and more insightful than their sheeplike neighbors, like gods above mere animals.  Self-flattery is the cheapest drug around.  Any addict can get all he wants, and these guys have it hard.

But it gets worse. For, you see, it's been shown that the surest way to get the masses under control is NOT to inculcate worshipful passivity, but rather to spread a dull, simmering state of generalized resentment, aimed in all directions and at each other.

What?  You've never studied Machiavelli?  Really? What do you think "culture war" is all about? The whole "populist" theme driving Red America to hate the cities and anyone with a graduate degree?

  The formula is simple. Inundate the prols with distractions that scatter their SOA in every direction.  And if some of those directions are "up" toward some corporations and meeting groups of the rich?  So what? So long as you shotgun a vast number of targets, you'll keep it scattered. Impotent. (Notice though, the Sheeple guys never mention Rupert Murdoch or the petroprinces who have been doing the most meddling of all.  Gee I wonder why.)

 And so, the ultimate irony.  This is exactly the sort of thing that the masters would want produced!

Do I seriously believe that "Sheeple" was generated at the AEI or Heritage or some other Murdochian pimphouse?  Naw. Funny thing is, they probably got it for free, or maybe with the gentlest prodding.  This shit is self-stirring.

Note that this film -- after purportedly demanding that people "wake up!" -- doesn't suggest any of the things that might ACTUALLY cause sheep to look up... such as actual, pragmatic links to learned and detailed analyses of world power, for example. Or self-organizing tools. Nor does it recommend the kind of "proxy power" organizations that can empower any individual to join with large numbers of others, in common cause to deal, effectively, with specific, targeted issues.

They can't offer such suggestions!  Because that would be to admit that the sheep can and do self-organize, effectively, and we must never admit that!  So, instead, "Sheeple" jumbles a huge goulash. Mixing genuinely worrisome trends, like rising income gaps, with vapid idiocies like 9/11 "loose change" conspiracies and UFO cults.  That's right, keep the paranoia spread evenly, guys.  It's what you're subsidized to do.

Oh, maybe a third of the slides do point to genuine problems that deserve attention, problem-solving appraisal, or even criminal prosecution.  So?  A two-second flicker and each issue joins the jumble of true, false, misleading and just plain stupid.
Is the greedy patenting of seed strains and eliminating self-fertility, so that farmers cannot re-seed their fields, evil?  Sure!  Is Genetic Modification of food crops automatically a crime against people and nature?  Bullshit!  That's pure luddite sanctimonious unscientific claptrap and the surest sign of dullard minds, while every single bite of food they eat was genetically modified by previous generations of farmers and breeders. Have these guys helped us to intelligently parse the good parts of a techno future from the bad?  Hah!

If you actually and really want to pragmatically fight evil, promote justice, save the world and advance the Enlightenment, there's a proved method.  One that bypasses all this contempt-for-the-masses malarkey and goes straight to problem solving -- combining the tiny influence of individuals into the momentum of millions.  Drop by the PROXY POWER site.

It will tell you how to do exactly that.

Oog, these guys got me exercised.  And sure, I expect to be derided as a tool of corporate interests, just for criticizing their lobotomized (or else corporate sponsored) uselessness.  But note that I never claimed that they weren't pointing to some genuine enemies of humanity and the world.  As I said, about a third of the slides were completely or partially right-on!

But they aren't helpful.  Not at any level.  As elistists, on a sanctimony drug-high, they are proof that the left contains crazies, too.*  They are part of the problem.  The REAL problem -- the insanity of culture war.

We won't defeat the Rush Limbaughs by acting just like them.  We'll defeat them by being the grownups.


* Reiterating the central point, yet again.  The liberal and conservative movements ARE fundamentally different, today.  Both contain some good ideas, deepdown.  Both contain some crazies.  The crucial distinction is that one of these movements keeps its lunatics marginalized. Its leaders perpetually try -- hit or miss -- to re-awaken the American genius for honorable negotiation and pragmatic problem-solving.

The other side may have some genuine ideas, lying dormant under the snows.  But all its potential good has been rendered useless, by giving itself over, body and soul, to its psychopathic wing.  

Do not hate American Conservatism.  Pity it.  Pray for the fever to break and for our fellow citizens to rise out of delirium, to rejoin us at the dinner table conversation about human destiny. And defeat them with reason, until they do.

xpPhone getting ready, taking pre-orders and soon at jkkmobile

Click to see the video and info

Hands-on at Computex

Yep, sliding qwerty MID / UMPC with phone capability getting ready and to jkkmobile. Will be fun to test x86 Windows XP UMPC as a phone...

As Jenn points out on her news, they are making it a bit "more thin and sharp" compared to the early prototype I tested.

If you want to make sure you get it among the first, just jump to their site and fill the Online Pre-order form.

As a reminder what we will be getting, here are the full specs:

*CPU: AMD Super Mobile CPU
* Memory:512M/1G
* SSD: 8G/16G/32G/64G
* HDD:30G/60G/80G/120G
* LCD: 4.8' TFT Touch-screen LCD 800*480
* Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP
* Wireless:WiFi 802.11b/g,WiMax(optional),Buletooth,Stand-alone GPS
* Camera Specifications:CMOS, 300k/1.3 Million
* Ports:1 x earphone jack,1 x microphone jack,Docking Connector
(include VGA output signal ),1 x USB 2.0, SIM Slot
* Power Management:
Battery: Removable Lithium-ion
Talk time: about 5 hours,Stand by time: about 5 days
Real life: about 7 hours(Standard), about 12 hours(Large)
Talk time,Standby time,Operation time may vary depending different usage.
* Weight: 400g (include battery)

No pricing details yet, shipping in next month or 2.

xpPhone official site

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sharp NetWalker vs UMID Mbook

Click here to see more

Both with 4.8 inch 1024 x 600 touch screen, around 160mm / 100mm / 20mm and 400g

Keyboard, screen angle and mouse all looking better on NetWalker..

I am getting the NetWalker soon from so then we can compare them even more...

.. and I just got confirmation that NetWalker has English language option too!

More at PC Watch [ translated ]

Details, News and Links for Sharp NetWalker