Tuesday, September 1, 2009

IC CD4017B Speed Fan Control Circuit

IC CD4017B Speed Fan Control Circuit

Electronic project today is show how to build “Fan speed control circuit” which can control speed motor for fan or other equipments.

The simple concept project is use IC CD4017 to control 4 relays which connect each pole.

IC CD4017B which is counter-cum-1kHz decoder and the signal is divided into ten equal intervals, Which can be programmed, via the single location, 10-mode. According to the late publication of the duration of the interim period, the corresponding output of the CD4017 inhibits counter CD4017 (per pole of rotation and diode D6), and fires the triac.
Here transistor T2 acts as a driver transistor. Pin by 4017, with zero at the output of the sensor for the switch to 0(zero detect output) each pass through zero.
Remark. The current wave forms of certain positions of the rotary switch, as stated in EFY Lab are in the picture 1.
The circuit is able to apply for a controller in the energy lighting equipment, hot air, oven singal Universal AC motor, heating, etc.

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