Monday, September 21, 2009

mSATA SSDs for netbooks and UMPCs

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mSATA is now the new name for mini PCI-e SSDs according to SATA-IO

Yes, it is the same connector and form factor we have seen on Asus Eee PCs and Dell Minis, but now other manufactures will be supporting it too. The main size is 1.18 in. x 0.19 in. x 2 in. (30mm x 4.75mm x 50.95mm), which we have been calling 50mm pcie SSDs

They are naming the the "mini 1.8 inch drives" as Half-Slim drives on the same press release.

The Half-Slim SATA II modules have the same SATA connector used on 2.5-inch HDDs and SDDs, but the outside measurements are smaller: 1.18 in. x 0.19 in. x 2 in. (54mm x 4 mm x 39mm).

There should be pile of these SSDs at IDF, so we might get to see them a bit more as Steve and Sascha are there.

SATA-IO to Develop Specification for Mini Interface Connector

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