Saturday, May 12, 2007

Essential C# 2.0

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This book provides complete, up-to-date coverage of all the programming constructs in C#. Masterfully organized, it allows beginning programmers to get on board and leads more experienced programmers into the world of structured programming. Because of its unwavering focus on the essential programming constructs of C#such as generics, delegates, and much morethis book is indispensable. For programmers who want to solve their day-to-day programming issues using the latest features this modern programming language has to offer, this book is indispensable.

This books is a clear, concise guide to C#including the features new to C# 2.0. The book clearly presents material for beginners and experts and provides contrasts and comparisons between C# and other languages. The C# language is covered comprehensively and each important construct is illustrated with succinct code examples. Complete code examples are available online. Mark Michaelis has organized the material for quick access. Graphical "mind maps" at the beginning of each chapter show what material is covered and how each topic relates to the whole.

C# 2.0 has a multitude of new features that make the language even more powerful, productive, and efficient. These new features are thoroughly covered in this book. A separate appendix on C# 2.0 topics helps readers quickly find new features of the language.

Whether you're just starting out as a programmer, are an experienced developer looking to learn C#, or are a seasoned C# programmer interested in learning the new features of C# 2.0, Essential C# 2.0 gives you just what you need to quickly get up and running writing C# applications.

Chapter 01 - Introducing C#
Chapter 02 - Data Types
Chapter 03 - Operators and Control Flow
Chapter 04 - Methods and Parameters
Chapter 05 - Classes
Chapter 06 - Inheritance
Chapter 07 - Interfaces
Chapter 08 - Value Types
Chapter 09 - Well-Formed Types
Chapter 10 - Exception Handling
Chapter 11 - Generics
Chapter 12 - Collections
Chapter 13 - Delegates and Events
Chapter 14 - Reflection and Attributes
Chapter 15 - Multithreading
Chapter 16 - Multithreading Patterns
Chapter 17 - Platform Interoperability and Unsafe Code
Chapter 18 - The Common Language Infrastructure
Appendix A - Downloading and Installing the C# Compiler and the CLI Platform
Appendix B - Complete Source Code Listings
Appendix C - C# 2.0 Topics

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