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Analyzing Business Data with Excel

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Learn how to apply Excel's advanced data analysis features to solve real-world business problems. This hands-on reference targets specific business situations, then demonstrates how to create spreadsheets for these problem areas. Topics include statistics, pivot tables, workload forecasting, modeling, queuing, data importing, and more. Perfect for professional Excel users working in an office environment.

As one of the most widely used desktop applications ever created, Excel is familiar to just about everyone with a computer and a keyboard. Yet most of us don't know the full extent of what Excel can do, mostly because of its recent growth in power, versatility, and complexity. The truth is that there are many ways Excel can help make your job easier-beyond calculating sums and averages in a standard spreadsheet.

Analyzing Business Data with Excel shows you how to solve real-world business problems by taking Excel's data analysis features to the max. Rather than focusing on individual Excel functions and features, the book keys directly on the needs of business users. Most of the chapters start with a business problem or question, and then show you how to create pointed spreadsheets that address common data analysis issues.

Aimed primarily at experienced Excel users, the book doesn't spend much time on the basics. After introducing some necessary general tools, it quickly moves into more specific problem areas, such as the following:
- Statistics
- Pivot tables
- Workload forecasting
- Modeling
- Measuring quality
- Monitoring complex systems
- Queuing
- Optimizing
- Importing data

Chapter 01. Excel and Statistics
Chapter 02. Pivot Tables and Problem Solving
Chapter 03. Workload Forecasting
Chapter 04. Modeling
Chapter 05. Measuring Quality
Chapter 06. Monitoring Complex Systems
Chapter 07. Queuing
Chapter 08. Custom Queuing Presentation
Chapter 09. Optimizing
Chapter 10. Importing Data
Chapter 11. The Trouble with Data
Chapter 12. Effective Display Techniques

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