Saturday, May 12, 2007

Moving to Linux: Kiss the Blue Screen of Death Goodbye!

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Moving to Linux can help you migrate from Windows to Linux in just hours! By the time you've finished, you'll be able to do virtually anything in Linux-without the aggravation, crashes, security risks, or high costs of running Windows!

This is not a book for techies! It's a book for people like you: people who write documents, create spreadsheets, surf the Web, send emails, listen to CDs, play games-and want to do it simply in Linux, without becoming technical experts!

- Convert your Windows PC to a Linux system
- Browse the Internet, send and receive email …
- Connect your digital camera or scanner
- Rip music, burn and play CDs
- Discover the world of Linux games

There's more!! Write, calculate, and present with, the free office suite for Linux that can also read and write all of your existing Microsoft Office documents.

Say goodbye to expensive software upgrades, burdensome Microsoft licensing, Windows viruses, and "blue screens of death." Say hello to computing the way it's supposed to be—with Linux!

Chapter 01 - Introduction
Chapter 02 - Ready … Set … Linux!
Chapter 03 - The Installation
Chapter 04 - Getting Your Hands Dirty
Chapter 05 - Konquering Your World
Chapter 06 - Customizing Your Desktop (or Making Your World Your Own)
Chapter 07 - Installing New Packages
Chapter 08 - Working with Devices
Chapter 09 - Connecting to the Internet
Chapter 10 - Electronic Mail
Chapter 11 - Surfing the Net (Just Browsing?)
Chapter 12 - Keeping Up to Date
Chapter 13 - Word Processors (It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…)
Chapter 14 - Spreadsheets (Tables You Can Count on)
Chapter 15 - Presentation Graphics (For Those Who Need No Introduction)
Chapter 16 - Graphics and Art (Just Call Me Leonardo)
Chapter 17 - Multimedia (If Music Be the Food of Love…)
Chapter 18 - Fun and Games (Very Serious Fun)
Appendix A - The GNU General Public License
Appendix B - Take Command of Linux

Download Here

Password: ganelon

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