Saturday, May 12, 2007

Best Kept Secrets in .NET (with source code)

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Whether you are an experienced developer or a .NET novice, this book will help you be more productive, create better code, and produce superior software with the author's valuable, but lesser-known features of Visual Studio and the .NET Framework.

For example, did you know that you could manage code snippets in Visual Studio .NET? Have you ever tried the Incremental Search feature? Have you discovered the ErrorProvider control? Do you know how to short-circuit operators, alias data types, build regular expressions, or improve your type casting? Have you seen all of the database tools available from Server Explorer? Did you know that you could manage your database scripts within Solution Explorer and include your stored procedures under source code control? Have you tried expanding the capabilities of a dataset using ExtendedProperties? With all of the talk about agile methodologies and Extreme Programming, have you tried to build a test harness with .NET? How about deprecating your methods? This book covers these secrets and much more!

The primary goal of this book is to let you in on the secrets and hidden treasures that you can find discover in Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. If, as you read through this book, you say to yourself, “I didn’t know I could do that with .NET!” then this book has met its objective.

Table Of Content:
Ch 1 - Hidden Treasures in Visual Studio
Ch 2 - Doing Windows Forms
Ch 3 - Code Tricks
Ch 4 - Much ADO
Ch 5 - Defensive Development

Download here (source code included)

Password: ganelon

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