Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cisco Express Forwarding (Networking Technology)

Cisco Express Forwarding (Networking Technology)How does a router switch a packet?

What is the difference between routing a packet and switching a packet? What is this CEF feature that is referred to in Cisco documentation and commonly found in Cisco IOS commands?

Cisco Express Forwarding addresses these questions through comprehensive discussions of Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF). CEF is a term used to describe one of the mechanisms used by Cisco IOS routers and Cisco Catalyst switches to forward packets. CEF offers the benefits of improved performance, scalability, and resilience.

CEF is found in almost all Cisco IOS routers and Catalyst switches, however documentation of the topic is very scarce.

This book addresses common misconceptions about CEF and packet switching across various platforms. It helps readers understand CEF and how to troubleshoot whether there is a CEF or another problem occurring in the network.

The book guides readers through CEF basics, supplying exercises and troubleshooting scenarios that enhance their ability to recognize common mistakes, as well as to provide them with some models for configurations that they can follow in their own networks.

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