Saturday, May 12, 2007

AutoCAD And AutoCAD LT AIO Desk Reference - For Dummies

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This book gives you an understanding of all the main features that you need to know in order to be productive with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. The All-in-One Desk References For Dummies are much different from other For Dummies books you may have read; more information is crammed between the two covers, and the content is more in-depth. This book is laid out to focus on individual topics and allows you the freedom of moving around between its minibooks. We recommend that if you are not familiar (or somewhat familiar) with AutoCAD that you read through Books I and II before moving on to the other minibooks.

After you read this book, don’t let it run too far from your desk, you will find it helpful as a reference whenever you might need it.

We expect that you know how to use the Windows operating system and understand the basics of navigating folders and starting applications. To take advantage of everything that AutoCAD offers and what is contained in this book, we assume that you have at least an Internet connection — dial-up at least, but a high-speed cable or DSL connection would be best. As long as you have AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT installed on the computer in front of you and a connection to the Internet, you are ready to get started.

PART 01 - AutoCAD Basics
PART 02 - 2D Drafting
PART 03 - Annotating Drawings
PART 04 - LT Differences
PART 05 - 3D Modeling
PART 06 - Advanced Drafting
PART 07 - Publishing Drawings
PART 08 - Collaboration
PART 09 - Customizing AutoCAD
PART 10 - Programming AutoCAD

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