Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Witness Camera - Build a Self-Recording Surveillance Camera

Every thought of making a surveillance system for your home or office? Want to know who entered your room when you were not there? Well then you need to have "The Witness Camera" by Alberto Ricci Bitti

The Grand Prize winner Atmel AVR Design Contest 2006 can be a good solution for your home security. This project is powered with AVR ATMega32 controller, along with that system consists a VGA CMOS camera, a passive infrared movement sensor, a gigabyte-class Secure Digital (SD) card implementing a a solid-state time-lapse recorder.

The VGA-JPG camera, the 1-GB flash memory card, the ATmega32 microcontroller, and the PIR movement sensor.

The hardware, which is surprisingly simple and affordable, requires only a handful of inexpensive parts and can be installed in minutes wherever there is a mains plug. An IR remote and interactive voice prompts allow easy set up and operation, even when the camera is concealed or installed in places like ceiling corners.

Prototype Design

Device is equipped with a 1-GB card, the system can take about 50,000 color pictures at 320 × 200 pixels (comparable to VHS-CCTV recorders) or 25,000 at 640 × 480 pixels. A new frame is taken every 2 to 5 s. When the card is full, new pictures automatically replace older ones.

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