Sunday, October 25, 2009

Low Voltage Setting for PIC microcontroller

My Slave Flash didn't fire with camera's flash, don't know why.
So I developed a new flash controller using PIC microcontroller.

But the problem is,
PIC 16F628A will work on at least 4.3 volt of power supply.
2 cells of rechargable battery can only provide up to 2.4 volt.
After asking on Pantip's webboard, I got the answer from Professor.
I should tried setting Brown out reset=Disable, and it works!!!
It works even at 1.7 volt. :D

To set Brown out reset=Disable in Mikroelektronika mikroC,
Click on Project -> Edit Project, then place checkmark on BOREN_OFF.
If you don't use crystal higher than 4 MHz, you can remove checkmark on HS_OSC,
and place checkmark on XT_OSC to reduce power comsumption.

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