Thursday, October 15, 2009

To Microchip or Not to Microchip, That Is the Question

I saw three news articles this morning where authorities are searching for Alzheimer’s patients who have wondered away. Of course, this brings up the debate again – should Alzheimer’s patients be handed a microchip along with their diagnosis? I personally don’t like the thought of injecting someone who can’t rationally give consent for the procedure, but if my loved one was lost and freezing on a cold winter night, perhaps I’d feel differently.
The problem to me is that a microchip can be read by identity thieves, it can be tracked by people who are nosy or collecting information on your movements that you don’t want them collecting and it does seem a very alien idea in a country that is based on freedom. Any technology that has the potential to be misused by power hungry people makes me a bit nervous. So, to microchip or not to microchip? What do you think?

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