Sunday, October 25, 2009

It is late player MP3 with single chip of RHOM

It is late player MP3 with single chip of RHOM. It comprises controller 1.1/2.0, MP3 the decoder of USB, amplifier of ear-phone and the controller of system for the form of files of loading MP3 an ordering of instantaneous of USB, orders hard USB or orders CD-ROM of USB/DVD-ROM that all in an ordering of instantaneous of USB of chip
AOnce is connected, BU9432 seeks automatically files MP3 for the playback. Accoustics is ordered by the tactile buttons; Play, pause, stop, nearest, preceding, Fol+, Fol-, +10, -10, Volume+, volume, repetition, random. Can BU9432 the information of posting also on option on the liquid crystal display such as the shirt #, file #. The playback Time (minute, second), the name and the file name.
U9432 of shirt can decode VBR MP3, MP2, MP1, layer 1, 2, 3 files with the rate of taking away: 8K - 48KHz and binary rate: 8Kbps - 448Kbps. It can also identify the ordering of instantaneous of hard USB FAT16 and FAT32/commande of the capacity of 32MB with 2TBytes. The audio playback is exceptionally good with the report/ratio of the signal-to-noise 93dB and the dynamic range 88dB. With this type of piece you can make your clean iPOD;) for more info go here

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