Sunday, October 18, 2009

Xbox 360 custom modded HG controllers: One is great for Halo 3 fans

Xbox 360 custom modded HG controllers
If you want to put a little extra twist on your gaming then you should really consider the all new Xbox 360 custom modded HG controllers. Oh yes HG controllers are now selling these modified controllers for your beloved Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming experience.

These controllers are now featuring duplicate buttons on the underside and these extra buttons can be pressed by the same fingers that hold your controller.

This is all good because it will give you that added benefit over your opponents who are still using the standard controllers, there are 3 different models you can buy which include the Halo 3 controller mod for $89.99, and then there is the 2 button mod for $69.99 plus the 4 button mod controller for $89.99. For more information please do visit HG Controllers.

Source - Ohgizmo VIA Ubergizmo

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