Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wii in Europe outsells PS3 worldwide

Nintendo of Europe has published Wii and DS 2008 sales figures for the territory on their press server (press registration required). The numbers show that Nintendo sold more Wii units in Europe (14,2 million) than Sony sold PS3 units in the entire world (13 million).

In 2008, 8,3 million units of the home console were sold. This is an increase of 58 percent compared to 2007 and constitutes the highest yearly sales of a home console in Europe ever. This increases the number of Wii console in European households to more than 14,2 million.

According to Nintendo, the DS sold 11,2 million units in Europe - the highest sales of any console in Europe ever. Altogether, 31 million DS units have been sold in Europe.

So while Wii sales in Japan are reported to have dropped 20 percent in 2008, European sales for the same period were up almost 60 percent compared to the previous year.

Source: Nintendo of Europe (press registration required)

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