Saturday, January 17, 2009

Three tidbits of exclusive info and rumours

I have three little tidbits of exclusive info and rumours for you. The first one concerns troubled developer Factor 5. I can confirm to you that work on all current projects is continuing. Expect an official announcement within two weeks.

Secondly, concerning 'Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop' and fears of no more than fifteen enemies on screen at any one time, fear not. I have just spoken to someone who has played a current build of the game. While there will not be a hundred zombies on screen, there will be a sufficient amount, I was told. Basically, you can expect a few dozens of them rather than one dozen. This will be a really cool game, I understand.

Lastly, I have some reason to believe that Silicon Knights ('Eternal Darkness', 'Too Human') may be working on a Wii title. This is slightly going out on a limb here. But, like I said, I have some reason to believe so.

There you go. I said it.

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