Friday, June 5, 2009

Sony Releases Some of the New Features of the PSP Go Portable Gaming System

Sony has recently revealed some of the expected new features on their newest handheld gaming system the PSP Go. This new system has been highly anticipated and is set to be released this fall. Sony had originally proposed a lot of innovative changes for the system, but was unable to deliver on some of them. They were able to include improvements to the system and games on the new PSP Go, and they are hoping that customers and fans will enjoy what they have done with the system.

What can gamers expect from the new system? Digital downloads are now going to be faster and easier. You can choose the games that you want to download right upon launching the system. There are expected to be 100 games available for downloading from Sony. The negative to this is that gamers who have previous versions of the Sony gaming systems, are not going to be able to play their old games on the PSP Go system. It is expected that Sony will have to release some different versions that are compatible with the new system.

Gaming fans have been anticipating how the new PSP Go system will work, and how the new sliding screen feature will work. The screen on the PSP Go is 3.8 inches and the sliding feature reveals the buttons to operate the handheld system. The system is set to start shipping in the fall, so gaming fans from all over will have to keep posted for any new details and new information on the system, the new and exciting games and the pricing as it becomes publicly leaked out. There will be new information about the release of the PSP Go system posted on the Internet, as it is available and also when Sony launches the new system.

The dual memory options on the new PSP Go portable gaming device are sure to please many gamers who want the option of how much memory that they have on the device. The new digital downloading features allow users to download a lot of new games quickly and easily. Sony will also likely set up places in stores where users can dump information and games from their UMD drives unto the new PSP Go system. Sony is hoping that this will alleviate any disappoints from fans about not having the UMD drive on the new system.

Keep watching for new information and details about the new gaming system to be announced on the Internet and more details about the release date and pricing of the new system.

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