Thursday, June 4, 2009

PSP Go System Details Leaked Early

If you are a fan of handheld gaming, there is no doubt you have been eagerly anticipating more information to be released about the new PSP Go gaming system. Although Sony has not formally released information about the launch of their new gaming system, sources have been able to retrieve information on the PSP Go system that is set to launch in the fall.

Fans of handheld gaming will have to wait a little longer until more details are released about the PSP Go system about the pricing and other details but there has been some information released about the games that will be sold for it, the specs and the new features.

Gaming fans have been anticipating how the new PSP Go system will work, and how the new sliding screen feature will work. The screen on the PSP Go is 3.8 inches and the sliding feature reveals the buttons to operate the handheld system. There has been rumors of some of the names of the games to be released are Gran Turismo, Jak and Dexter and Metal Gear Solid. These are only a few of the new games set to be released with the release of the PSP Go system.

The information that has been leaked about the PSP Go system seems to have been released earlier than Sony had originally planned. They were going to announce at the E3 trade show, but sources were able to find out some details on the system and leak them out to fans everywhere. If you are a handheld gaming fan and have been waiting for Sony to release their new PSP Go system, you will only have to wait until this fall.

The system is set to start shipping in the fall, so gaming fans from all over will have to keep posted for any new details and new information on the system, the new and exciting games and the pricing as it becomes publicly leaked out. There will be new information about the release of the PSP Go system posted on the Internet, as it is available and also when Sony launches the new system.

With some of the new features of the handheld gaming system, such as the sliding screen and the extra memory, it is expected to be a good launch with successful results. If you do have games from older systems, they may not be compatible with the PSP Go system, Sony may have to release new versions or downloads online to allow users to have access to older games. Stay informed on the new details as they are released about the new handheld gaming system to be revealed.

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