Thursday, March 27, 2008

WiimoteWhiteboard v0.2 - slightely updated/fixed

Hi, all. I got a few moments yesterday to make a couple of small improvements to the Wiimote Whiteboard software. Most notably, I improved the mouse emulation code. There were problems where it wouldn't work with some programs like PowerPoint, Alias Sketchbook, etc. So, those work fine now.

I also added a "Tracking Utilization" feedback to the GUI which tells you how much of the camera you are utilizing for tracking. This gets updated after calibration. This provides a way to evaluate how good your Wiimote placement is which directly impacts tracking quality. Getting this number to 100% is virtually impossible in any usable configuration, but dropping below 50% is a sign of not-so-great Wiimote placement.

I've also updated the code to use Brian Peeks's WiimoteLib v1.2. I think this may help a little with greater Bluetooth/Vista compatibility. On a technical note, the WiimoteLib in this download is slightly modified to increase the Wiimote camera sensitivity.

You can use this link to download the new version: WiimoteWhiteboard v0.2

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