Sunday, March 30, 2008

NES coffee table update 1: Bevelling the edges

Being a future 3D modeller (hopefully, oh btw I'll probably do some posts of some 3D projects in the future, at the moment I'm modelling an Enzo Ferrari, you can see I used the half finished model in that motion tracking test three posts ago) I love all my edges bevelled.

And I also wanted to bevel the edges of my giant NES controller approximately to scale to how the actual controller is rounded.
After finishing the bottom half of the coffee table/ storage box, it was time to start polishing up the shape.
To bevel the top edge I just got a 5mm radius (I think approx.) curved router bit and ran it along them, but the vertical edges needed a larger radius curve. I needed to use a plane and some sandpaper.

To make sure I'm curving it straight, I drew two lines about a cm or something back from the edge.

This acts like a guide so I know I'm going even and not curving it more to one side.

Here is what it looked like after I finished planing it, not too hot, it might have been better if I had a less blunt/rusty plane.
But not to worry, a bit of sand paper will even that up;

Bam. There you've got yourself a nice straight bevelled edge.

Here's what the box looks like, after I bevelled the edges, on its side.....

And here's what it looks like the right way up... Awesome.

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