Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pin Diagram

OSC1/CLKIN: Oscillator crystal input.
External clock source input.
OSC2/CLKOUT: Oscillator crystal output.
Connects to crystal or resonator in crystal oscillator mode.
MCLR(inv): Master clear(reset)input.
Programming voltage input.
This pin is an active low reset to the device.
RA0 - RA3:Bi-directional I/O port.
RA4/T0CKI: Bi-directional I/O port.
Clock input to the TMR0 timer/counter.
RB0/INT: Bi-directional I/O port.
External interrupt pin.
RB1 - RB7:Bi-directional I/O port.
VDD:Positive supply(+2.0V to +5.5V)

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