Sunday, July 5, 2009

Early shots of new game

Here is an early screenshot of a game I am working on for the Zune and 360, all graphics are still placeholders. I am using the platformer engine from MS, and building on that.

When you collect the letter, it says the letter aloud. I was working on other versions with different engines, but decided on the stock MS engine so I could customize it to my needs and better understand how things work.

Here is an updated shot, playing around with the graphics.

I will try and post some videos soon as I progress along (having problems with the capture software and Windows 7). This game is geared for 2 and up, will not contain any violence, etc. It will have enemies, but when you jump on the enemy like in a traditional platformer, it will announce the name of the animal for example.

Still tons of work, and many thanks so far to Robert Stokes for the voice acting.

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