Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Birth of a new art form..."

It's not often you hear that phrase. I don't think I've ever used it myself, but a few people have been tossing that around when talking about Kutiman's work at who does video remixes of musicians around the world to create amazing new musical/video pieces. The one that is getting the most blog exposure is called The Mother of All Funk Chords. However, the one I think more clearly demonstrates the subtlety and intricacy of this artistic contribution is below entitled "I am new":

There have certainly been many video remixes before, but this steps it up a few notches in several directions - in no small part facilitated by abundance and wealth of YouTube performances. One of the earlier examples of musical/video editing that I really enjoyed is work by Lasse Gjertsen. He started with "human beat boxing", but really stepped it up in the following video. It's worth remembering that he doesn't know how to play these instruments:

On the topic of the great examples of creating musical mixes with video, this is another wonderful example of what one individual with a camera, video editor, a few instruments, and some determination can create:

Trying your hand at making something like this would be an excellent procrastineering project.

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