Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"He was like..."

While certainly not the technology focused topic I usually post, I definitely wasted a few minutes trying to sing the following chorus in the true spirit of procrastination. Try to sing along (if you can). If you are linguistically incapable, just reading along is amusing enough.

"he was like
she was all
he was all
they were like
we were all,

like oh my god
like totally

we were like
that was all
they were all
he was like
she was like

all totally
like oh my god"

If this was not educational enough for you, the following "anthropological introduction to YouTube" has a boring title, but is an incredibly fascinating and entertaining discussion of the cultural and social phenomena within the depths of YouTube... and relevant to the video above. Like totally. (warning: 1 hour talk, but definitely one of the better uses of 1 hour in my life).

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