Friday, November 7, 2008

SurfaceWare - sensing glasses for Surface

My colleague, Paul Dietz, in the Applied Sciences group released a video of one of his first projects he did when he joined Microsoft. These glasses use the transparent material of the glass as prisms that sense the amount of liquid in them by watching the amount of internally reflected IR light. Check out the video:

If you aren't familiar with how Surface works, it is a rear projected table that also has a bright IR emitter inside that illuminates objects placed on the surface which are then visible to an IR camera. The video does a good job explaining how the glasses work.

This is actually a revisit of an older project of Paul's called iGlassware. That one used passively powered RFID sensor tags in the base of the glass to capacitively measure the liquid level. The table had a big RFID antenna in it. Paul was also a key developer of Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab's Diamond Touch table being skillfully demonstrated by Ed Tse below.

Ed is currently at Smart Technologies, who helped push out their new touch table:

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