Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Xbox 360 - Lower Prices

On September 5th, 2008 - the Xbox 360 will get a true price cut across all models.  The base Arcade will be much cheaper than a Wii as well.

360 Arcade will be -  $199.99 was $279.99
360 Pro with 60gb HDD - $299.99 was $349.99
360 Elite with 120gb HDD - $399.99 was $449.99

All models have HDMI, the elite comes with a cable as well.  You can also play these on your VGA monitor with an adapter, I found one used for $9.99 at GameStop.

While the Arcade does not come with a hard drive, it is still a good console for MCE duties, or for games like Lego Star Wars, Viva Pinata, etc.  It does have a memory card (256mb) for game saves, but do not expect to be able to download movies, tv shows, or large game demos.  Or sadly play older Xbox games, since the HDD is needed for the emulator files.

On a side note the 360 HDD's are finally getting a much needed price cut as well.

120GB HDD - $149.00 from $179.99

Well I guess no word on the 20gb or 60gb, I do not see them listed at Gamestop anymore.  Bummer since I am doing more with XNA I would like an HDD for my Arcade unit in the other room of the house.


Some great games are on the horizon as well.  Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise came out this week actually, and at a great price as far as current gen games go.  $39.99!!  Banjo and Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts which ships around 11/11/2008 will also be the same price.

Jensyn loves Viva Pinata, it is a safe game for the younger ones.  The only real violence is well you break pinatas open with a shovel (not required, but seems to happen anyway.  Give boy shovel, boy hits objects or shins with shovel), and they have candy inside them!  Very cruel actually, and sadly you can also witness this at your local park on most weekends.

Banjo looks interesting, you can build different fun vehicles that you can then use in the game.  They can fly, drive, float, bounce, and much more.  Looks fun, and I am sure it will be great for kids.  Again it is good to see Microsoft coming out with a lower price point on these games.  The first Viva Pinata was $59.99 at least I think that is what I paid.  Grrr!

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