Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Time to preorder a PS3? How the PSP will Interact with PS3

The Playstation is just days away from being released. If you have not gotten a pre-order yet, getting a PS3 now would be like winning the lottery. With such low shipments, and such high demand, people are going to be willing to pay 3 and 4 times the $ for these things when the holidays roll around.

So how will the PSP play with the new Playstation 3? Sony has been pretty tight lipped about this one. Here are some good guesses:

Sony will follow in Microsoft's footsteps, and do a video distribution channel. Now that the PSP can talk wirelessly to the PS3, it will be easy for the PS3 to download high def movies for your home theater and also down convert it's high def video on demand to make it playable on the PSP screen over wifi.

It may also all tie in with Location Free. If anyone has not seen this before, you hook up a base station to your cable box and you can stream it to these nice Wireless LCD panels, your PSP, or to your PC by using software for windows XP to watch the live streams. Does anyone else notice how the new LocationFree Player Hardware looks similar to the PS3's case style?

The PSP may also be able to act as a remote control to the PS3 to make it easy to preview and queue up videos and music wirelessly throughout the house. I'm sure Sony has been itching to outdo my PSP Home Control Setup when I did that over a year ago.

I am going to try, but I don't think I will have a PS3 when it comes out. Nevertheless I'll be watching the scene to bring you the latest and greatest in PSP hacks and soon PS3 hacks. I've opened a new ps3 hacks blog called: LiquidIce's PS3 Hacks. Be sure to bookmark it and check back after launch for all of the ps3 hacking tips.

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