Monday, August 7, 2006

Web Browser for PSP Released

A New version Of Links2 PSP Browser has been released. This is based off the Linux browser.

From PSPUpdates:

The creator of PSPRadio, Raf, has once again updated his Links2 Web browser PSP port which can be used as either a standalone application or as a plugin for Raf's PSPRadio application. The Links2 web browser for PSP is based the open source browser for Linux which is also being constantly updated. This new version is now based on links2.1-pre23, whilst the previous version was based on links2.1-pre22; bringing various upgrades along with it. Here's the changelog:

New features:

* Cookie save/restore patch from applied.
* Merged to 2.1pre23 See Changelog.orig
* Made psp_bb_to_fb_factor a configurable parameter in links.cfg (default=1, set to 2 to enable zoom mode)
* Also changed default font to 12 from 24. (Change to 24 in html.cfg if want to use zoom mode)

Bug Fixes

* Reverted UP/DOWN behavior (user requested). (R+UP/DOWN still does page up/down, though).

I know that many PSP users are happy using the 2.0+ firmware browser and DevHook, but the advantages of this browser only become clear when you actually use it. Controls are smooth, and as you can tell, this browser loads the PSPupdates homepage with no trouble. It certainly gets rid of that annoying 'Not enough memory' error while using the firmware browser. No, it doesn't support flash, but for everyday surfing it's much more efficient.

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