Friday, January 13, 2006

Ipod Nano Wristwatch Hack

In this clearly authentic photograph, I show how I installed iPodLinux on my nano and hacked X windows to turn 90 degrees counter clockwise and make an inexpensive wristwatch with mp3 capabilities, along with all my cached data: weather, theater schedules, and news. You can use iCal to set 1000 different alarms, each with its own song. I also tucked a bluetooth transmitter/receiver in there. Wireless headphones are buried in my ears behind a pair of in-ear microphones for ambient sound. I can choose to mix my ipod audio with ambient sound at whatever level I choose, as well as run filters to counteract cocktail party syndrome and thus have easier conversations in bars and restaurants. When away from bars and restaurants, I have a dictionary of 50 common cocktails and 4000 easy recipes in Timed Audio and Text Instructional Format (TATIF files or TAT for short) on hand to help me towards comfort and good eating. I'll post more information and insructions on how to make one as soon as my neighbor fixes his internet.

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